Facial Hygiene

Daily facial hygiene is essential before using any treatment, to remove dead cells and oxygenate the skin, for a brighter, smoother face. It also enables the other facial treatments used after cleansing to better penetrate the skin.

Micellar products are best for daily facial cleansing. The Essentials range consists of a micellar solution, gel and oil formulated with the same ingredients but with different textures according to your skin type. Acne-prone skin needs deeper cleansing to control the excess sebum, with products such as Acniover Purifying Gel.

Weekly facial hygiene deep cleanses the skin and is ideal to complement your daily facial hygiene ritual. The essential steps for your weekly routine are exfoliation (scrub) and deep moisturising. Using an Exfolianting Facial Cream prevents impurities from building up and cleanses deep down, enabling the skin to recover its vitality. It is essential to moisturise the skin after exfoliation. Masks are the ideal product, whether hydrating (Hydro Mask) or purifying (Pure Mask) depending on the needs of each skin type.

Daily care

Weekly care

Acne-prone skin


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