Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules - 14 Ampoules

Weak hair with a tendency to fall out
14 Ampoules


These Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules contain high concentrations of the three MartiDerm® growth factors (HGFx3®), which stimulate growth and cell renewal, revitalising and nourishing the scalp. They are effective in androgenic alopecia and telogen effluvium, two of the most common types of hair loss. Using biotechnological innovation, the hair growth phase (anagen) is lengthened and the hair fall phase (telogenic) is reduced. With a light texture, it contains no allergens or parabens, and has low alcohol content.


Oxygenatethe scalp with 2 min brushing.
Openthe ampoule and screw the applicator on as far as it will go.
Applythe entire content on the affected area of the scalp.
Massagegently with your the fingertips to ensure maximum penetration of the product.
HGFx3® Hair Growth Factors

Exclusive MartiDerm® complex contains three hair growth factors (Follistatin, IGF and VEGF), which work together to encourage cell regeneration and repair. 

CLA-Glutathione Complex

Antioxidant, protector and moisturiser.

With three growth factors, Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules slow down hair loss, stimulate growth of new hair, boost hair density and improve adherence to the scalp. It contains three growth factors (biotinyl, oleanolic acid, apigenin and a vitamin complex), among other ingredients. For stronger, thicker hair.

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