MartiDerm in Malawi: from Collaboration to Commitment.

Our Stop Scabies project in Malawi has been in place for almost 4 years. Who would have predicted back then everything we’ve been through since.

A project in evolution

The project has evolved greatly since the first expedition in summer 2018. And due particularly to the pandemic, 100% local management has been boosted, a goal that was always part of our roadmap.

The project team prepares and distributes the treatments and trains the health centre personnel. We also give grants to young people undertaking health studies, helping make up for the major shortages in the area and squaring the cooperation circle when these students then offer to work with the local team.

A sometimes challenging, always satisfying endeavor we never tire of improving and, of course, celebrating. In fact, we want to celebrate these 4 years of partnership by giving the people a voice. That’s why we have carefully curated a video testimonial that will show you more about the project, how it works and, above all, its astonishing results.

And the celebrations don't end there: a new commitment

Another big news story is the signing of a partnership agreement with Active Africa. This NGO has been working on education, health, the promotion of women and sustainability in Malawi for over 15 years. Its longstanding experience and management capability make it the best partner to deliver on our goal of powering local action. The agreement lets us bundle the different MartiDerm projects (the education and health initiatives) together for more synergy and local autonomy.

A step further in unifying management and putting it in the best hands for its follow-through.

En la imagen, Teresa Garolera, CEO de Active Africa, y Montse Martí, CEO de MartiDerm, firmando el nuevo convenio de colaboración.

In the photo: Active Africa CEO Teresa Garolera and MartiDerm chief executive Montse Martí signing the new partnership agreement.

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