Moving the dial to leave no trace

As you know, at MartiDerm Laboratory we are experts in caring for skin health. What you might not know is that we have expanded the skincare concept to embrace other complementary areas of health, such as sustainability and solidarity.​​​​​​​

In fact, our sustainability commitment lies at the heart of our code of ethics and is channeled through our Smart Planet programe.

We started down the road of moving the dial on leaving no trace on the planet exactly six years ago. As part of World Environment Day, we want to take this chance to explain our history of hope, effort, and sustainability.

Sustainability in facilities

MartiDerm’s sustainability starts in our facilities. We opened our new plant, designed, and built to sustainable criteria and fitted with aerothermal and geothermal systems and solar panels, in 2016.

And with respect to the energy, we need and are unable to generate, we have been leveraging renewable energies since 2019.

The facilities were also fitted with energy-saving mechanisms right from the start, before these types of measures became commonplace, including automated systems, automatic doors to close off work areas, enhanced insulation, and electricity meters for different areas to track energy spends.

Sustainability in products

Sustainability applied to our products began with small actions of a global reach such as removing polluting dyes and stamping, and introducing FSC-certified cardboard.

They continued in 2019 with the onboarding of eco-design and culminated in 2021 when we incorporated the​​​​​​​ pack into our proteoglycan ampoules, our flagship product.

Now in 2022 we have launched our new range of sunscreens, with a formula featuring ingredients that trigger natural skin protection, so we don't need to put as much on to get the results we want: sustainability and innovation going hand-in-hand again!

Sustainability in the team

Sustainability is also integrated in the team. We have been engaging in the Let’s clean Europe, campaign for four years, collecting rubbish and providing training to all our staff.

A story of sustainability that aims to make history

We calculated our total carbon footprint to ascertain the full impact of our activity. And the results are conclusive: MartiDerm is not a polluting company. Just 15% of our emissions are direct and are due to the sales reps’ cars.

We are currently working on footprint reduction activities with the Green Team (a group of people from across all the company’s departments whose tasks include coming up with sustainable ideas and organising walks involving selective waste collection). And we have been compiling different and interesting proposals to cut our emissions by up to 20%!

As you can see, we are rolling out reduction actions across all areas, but we feel especially involved with the circular economy, since its potential for improvement is most closely aligned with our direct action. Our next steps along this line will be targeted at achieving zero waste certification.

But the best thing about all this progress made in not leaving a trace on the planet is that this fascinating history of innovation and sustainability has only just begun. We don't only want to write a good story - we want to make history! And we are counting on your help. Thank you for trusting MartiDerm.

Avanzando, para no dejar huella

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